Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Hello my beauty lovers,

I really love this time of year as it is starting to feel really christmassy and its also nearly my birthday! Yaaaayyy!! I hope you're all getting into the christmassy spirit too. 

So I was lucky enough to stumble on this lovely set by Ted Baker called the Ted Baker London The Girl With The Beautiful Face Make Up Kit. This set is incredibly beautiful - from the packaging to the products inside - you will adore it. With most sets I never tend to use all the products, I mostly like a few and then the others always go to waste, however with this kit all of the products are colours and shades that I would definitely wear which is amazing and shows how great this kit is.

So it comes in a box which has a lid to open the top half and then a drawer to open the bottom half,  which makes a lovely looking storage box for some of my make up and it looks very pretty on my dressing table too.

The set includes -
  • 2 x nail varnish
  • 2 x eye crayons
  • Lipstick
  • Lip crayon
  • Eyeliner pen
  • Mascara
  • Bronzing compact
  • 2 x illuminating liquids
  • Eyelash curlers
  • Kabuki brush (which is actually more like a bronzer brush rather than a kabuki brush)
The two nail polishes are both gorgeous colours one is a bright coral colour and the other is a metallic silver. What I love about both of these shades is that they work all year round - they'll look perfect over the christmas season but they'll look just as nice in summer too. They are both really easy to apply and I applied two coats in both of the colours. As always with metallic nail polish you need to smooth out the polish or else it will clump so with the silver nail polish apply a little amount first and then build up the colour with more coats rather than applying loads on the first coat. The coral lasted slightly longer on my nails than the silver it started chipping after the fourth day without a top coat so if you apply a top coat they will last longer. The silver started to chip after the third day without a top coat too so apply a top coat to get longer wear.

I absolutely love the colours of the eye crayons! One is a dark gunmetal grey and the other is a soft golden colour. They are super easy to apply and I love how easy they are to blend. I definitely prefer the grey colour as it is really pigmented and I would personally prefer if the gold was slightly more pigmented. They are both colours I would use on a day to day basis so I'm really excited to play around with these colours to create some fun looks!

There are two lip products in the set - one is a lipstick and the other is a lip crayon. The lipstick is a bright red colour which I think is simply gorgeous and is the perfect red shade for me. The lip crayon is just as beautiful and comes in a red berry colour which is perfect for this season as this lip colour seems to be everywhere. Both the lipstick and crayon last quite a while as I didn't need to reapply them even after I had eaten so they are really long wearing. They are also both really pigmented so you don't need to build up the colour unless you want a more intense look. I will definitely be wearing both of these colours over the Christmas holiday season.

The eyeliner pen is surprisingly really good. It has a felt tip end which makes it really easy to use and apply so if you're not to good at applying eyeliner than this brush is a great one to practice with as it gives you a really easy application in a few strokes. I really like the colour of the eyeliner as its a really dark black colour as I love the blackest eyeliners you can get and this seems to be quite close. It dries to a shiny finish but I found when I applied over eyeshadow it tended to dry to more of a matte finish. I much preferred using this eyeliner alone rather than over eyeshadow as it tended to clump when I applied it over shadow which is the only negative thing about it.

I am a bit of a mascara snob and I only really ever use Lancome mascaras as they are my all time favourites!! However I did surprisingly really like the mascara that comes in this set. I loved the brush as it is a thin brush head with loads of the plastic bristles which gives your lashes a great lift when applying mascara so that adds extra volume to your lashes. This mascara did add volume and length to my lashes and didn't clump at all which I loved but I won't be changing mascara anytime soon!! This is a great back up though and is perfect for the lower lashes.

The bronzing compact is probably my least favourite product in the whole set as its not pigmented enough for me. Its more like a highlighter than a bronzer but its too dark to be a highlighter and too light to be a bronzer so its just stuck in the middle. I think if you have a fair complexion than it definitely would work better for you as it is really lovely to apply and it feels really light and soft on the skin but its just the colour that doesn't work for me personally. 

The kabuki brush which is more like a bronzer brush rather than a kabuki brush is actually a really good brush as long as you don't think of it as a kabuki haha. I used it to apply the bronzer and it glided over my skin leaving a really nice flawless finish. The only thing I didn't like about this brush is that some of the bristles were falling out when I was using it.

The two illuminating liquids are really gorgeous. They have a strikingly similar resemblance to the benefit highbeam and sunbeam highlighters. The silvery pink one is called pearly pink and the golden one is called golden glow. I prefer powder or cream highlighters rather than liquid ones but these seemed to work really well, they blended into my foundation easily and they blended just as well when I applied them before foundation. They can be worn with or without make up as they look really pretty mixed into a daily face moisturiser to give your skin an extra glow. I prefer the pearly pink one as it seems to be more pigmented then golden glow one and I LOVE highlighters so the more pigmented the better.

Last are the gorgeous rose gold eyelash curlers which look stunning on my dressing table! I always stick to my Shu Uemura eyelash curlers so I am quite resistant to try any other curlers as they are INCREDIBLE but the ted baker curlers in this set were really good as an alternative. They curled my eyelashes really well and didn't pull any of my eyelashes out which is always a good thing! I think I would use these curlers as my handbag curlers so I've always got a back up on me.

I really love this make up set and I think it is such good value for money considering all the products you get inside it.

You can buy it from boots here for £40 but I actually got it for £20 on promotion which makes it even more of a bargain so definitely look out for it in any of the promotions as I think it is definitely worth a buy or it would even make an amazing christmas gift for a loved one.

Have any of you guys tried this make up kit? Let me know if you have or if you want to get your hands on it in the comments below.

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK - DR LIPP Original Nipple Balm for Lips ♡

Hello Beauty addicts ♡ 

Todays product of the week is the Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips. 

It is basically a better version of Vaseline which means it is a beauty staple for all you beauty lovers out there!

This balm can be used on literally every part of your body but I have only ever used it for my lips and it works AMAZINGLY on my lips so I can imagine it will work just as well on any part of your body! It works great as a nourishing lip balm which is what I mainly use this for but its also just as great over a lipstick to add a gloss effect or even over eyelids for a shimmery look.

I tend to put it on before I go to sleep so my lips are nice and moisturised ready for the morning or I will apply it in the morning after I have moisturised so my lips are nice and soft before I apply any lipstick.

What I love even more about this product is that it is 100% natural and doesn't contain any parabens, alcohol, colouring agents or perfume so it is perfect if you have sensitive skin or if you just like to keep it au naturale!

It is also such a perfect size that you can carry it around with you in your handbag or just leave it in your make up bag as it doesn't take up any room - and with its easy screw cap you can just squeeze a tiny amount out and apply it to your lips etc and then you're good to go!

I really love how when you apply it it doesn't leave a sticky residue but it just leaves your lips feeling super moisturised and within minutes it dries leaving them even softer. The consistency of the balm is a slightly thicker version of Vaseline but it is kind of stickier than Vaseline but this stickiness goes instantly!

This balm is a definite must have in my opinion as it is just so versatile and you will always have a need for it - whether you need an intense moisturiser or if you just need to make you're make up look more shimmery this is just what you need!

Have any of you guys tried the DR LIPP Original Nipple Balm for Lips? Do you guys love it?
Let me know down below in the comments!

Sarena ♡

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Pink Lips and Smokey Eye - Make Up Tutorial ♡

Hello beauty lovers  

So today I am going to be telling you how I got this seriously bright pink lip and grey/brown smokey eye look. This look is definitely a night time look as I think it's a tad too heavy for the day but you could always mix the lip with a more natural eye for a daytime look.

So lets go ......

1. Always moisturise your skin - leave to dry
2. Prep your skin using a primer - very important for a long lasting flawless finish
3. Apply your foundation using Real Techniques Stippling Brush
4. Contour around hairline, down the bridge of your nose, along your jawline and beneath your cheekbones
5. Highlight above your cheekbones, under eyes, above upper and lower lip, along and in-between the contour on your nose and in-between brows
6. Blend all contour together using the Beauty Blender
7. Brush out brows using a brow brush then apply pencil or gel to brows. Brush out again for a natural look
8. Apply Busted all over lid, then using Snakebite blend into crease working the way to the outer corners
9. Apply HalfBaked in the inner corner and tear duct 
10. Blend all together focusing on the crease using the Real Techniques Shading Brush
11. Using Busted line underneath lower lashes 
12. Apply liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line gently winging outwards at the outer corner
13. Line inside your waterline working your way along the tear duct
14. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara
15. Apply false eyelashes - Optional
16. Line lips and then apply lipstick and a touch of lipgloss for extra glamour
17. Apply blusher on the apples of your cheeks using the Real Techniques Blush Brush
18. Apply highlight over cheekbones

Yayyy the look is complete!

Products Used -


♡ Face Moisturiser - Nip+Fab BEE STING FIX DELUXE CREAM
♡ Primer - Benefit Porefessional


♡ Liquid Eyeliner - The Balm Schwing Liner
♡ Pencil Eyeliner - Mac Eye Kohl
♡ Mascara - Lancome Virtuose 
♡ Eyelash Curler - Shu Uemura


♡ Lipgloss - Mac Cremesheen Glass

Let me know if you like this look and if you will recreate it!


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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn/Fall Make Up Tutorial ♡

Hello beauty lovers  ♡ 

I hope you're all enjoying the start of Autumn!

So I finally have Instagram and I honestly don't know how I have gone all this time without it?! There are sooooo many amazingly talented MUA's that I have discovered since joining the Instagram world and I love it!
One of the talented MUA's I discovered was the self taught +MakeupByAzzah who inspired me to create this Autumn/Fall make up look.


So lets begin....

To start off you need to prep your skin with a moisturiser, once it has dried apply your primer to allow your make up to last longer and to make it look more flawless - I always prime my skin! I then applied my foundation using the Real Techniques stippling brush to get rid of any lines I then used my Beauty Blender to blend away any harsh foundation lines. I did a light contour using the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick applying it to the hollows of my cheeks, along the sides of my nose and along my hairline. Then using Mac Pro Longwear Concealer  I highlighted under my eyes, between my eyebrows and lower forehead, down my nose and under my chin. Using the Real Techniques stippling brush again blend all the contour and highlight together. Then go over with a Beauty Blender  to thoroughly blend all the product together. I then applied blusher on the apples of my cheeks using the Real Techniques Blush Brush and finally to finish off my skin I applied a highlighter on my cheekbones and on the top of my cupids bow using Mac Duo Fibre 187 Brush 

I mainly used the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette for this look so start off by applying a natural base colour (I used Tease) all over your eyelid using the fluffy side of the brush that comes with the palette. Then apply a darker colour over the lower eyelid (I used Roach not in the palette) using an eyeshadow flat brush and gradually build the colour up until you get your desired colour. Using Snakebite blend into your crease gradually working it out to the outer corner of the eye. Using half-baked line the upper lash line and lower lash line and the tear duct for a pop of colour and to open up the eyes. To highlight underneath the eyebrows use Bootycall. Then line your upper lash line with a liquid liner. Curl your eyelashes and apply loads of mascara! If you like you can add eyeliner to your waterline however I left mine natural and just applied mascara on my lower lashes. 

I applied a lip liner all over my lips as a lipstick.

Products Used -

♡ Benefit The POREfessional Primer
♡ Mac Pro Longwear Foundation, NC35
♡ Mac Pro Longwear Concealer, NC15 - for highlight
♡ Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Stick, Cappuccino - for contour
♡ Mac Mineralize Blush, Warm Soul
♡ Mac Iridescent Powder, Silver Dusk - for cheekbones highlight 

♡ Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Tease, Snakebite, Booty, Halfbaked 
♡ Urban Decay Eyeshadow, Roach
♡ Benefit Magic Ink Liner
♡ Lancome Hypnose Mascara
♡ Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade, Ebony

♡ Barry M Lip Liner, Dark Pink

Let me know if you've created any Autumn/Fall make up looks in the comments below 


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Friday, 3 October 2014

Make Up Review - Lancome Virtuose Mascara ♡

Hello beauty lovers 

Today I am reviewing another one of my favourite products that I can't live without - it is the Lancome Virtuose Mascara

Left eye without mascara Right eye with Lancome Virtuose Mascara

I loveeee mascara I think mascara is definitely a make up item that you can't leave the house without! Mascara makes such a huge difference to everyone - whether you're wearing a full face of make up - a mascara will complete the look or whether you're wearing no make up - a mascara will just widen your eyes making you look so much more fresh faced!
So no matter what a mascara is a definite MUST.

Without Mascara
With Lancome Virtuose Mascara
With mascara and curled eyelashes with eyelash curler

I personally don't wear false eyelashes as I really don't like the way they look on me however I adore how they look on pretty much everyone else?! So its always been really important that I have a mascara that makes my eyelashes look really full and long. 

I have spent many years looking for that one mascara trying and testing so many from drugstore ones to the high end ones and after vigorous searching I finally found the one around two years ago and I have never looked back since!!

The mascara that I found was the Lancome L'extreme mascara - WOW it honestly is the best mascara I have ever bought! Whenever I wear it I will always get complimented and people often mistake my eyelashes as being false when I wear it! So after this one I was hooked and as I loved it so much I started trying out other Lancome mascaras, however nothing really came close until I found this little gem! Typically my normal mascara was sold out and as I was in desperate need I just picked up the Virtuose one as I liked the look of the curved brush - what a great choice that was!!

This mascara is AMAZEEEEE honestly I love it and I am now torn between L'extreme and Virtuose as they are both so good!!

First of all the curved brush is just perfect - it really lifts your eyelashes giving you that extra volume and length as well as giving you a natural curl without the need of an eyelash curler!

I love the formula as its super dark and doesn't clump or flake at all so you only need a couple of coats!!

This mascara in my opinion just ticks all the boxes and I would really recommend this mascara as it is just too good not to have.....

Have any of you guys tried this mascara? What is your fav go to mascara?


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